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Cypher (2002), directed by Vincenzo Natali; starring Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu. 

Cypher will be available for streaming on Netflix starting August 1, 2014. If you haven’t seen this terrific film and its amazing performance by JN, now is your chance! 

Filed under Jeremy Northam Cypher Vincenzo Natali Lucy Liu Nigel Bennett movie still movie poster who'd a thought I'd love a sci-fi movie so much? the poster calls it a mind-melt but JN never one to mince words called it a mind-fuck whichever you call it Cypher is a great movie

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And you just KNOW that one day there will be a Peter O’Toole bio-pic and Fassy or Hiddleston or whoever plays the lead will actually win the Oscar for Best Actor, and then we’ll have to hear “Peter O’Toole was never able to win an Oscar but SoanSo who portrayed him did!” for all eternity.


The day that happens is the day I officially give up on “Hollywood.”

I’m not sure anyone could play Peter O’Toole in a biopic. Not to really do him justice. He was one of a kind, and any actor who tries to capture that mischievous, masterful spirit of his will be doomed to failure. 

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Miami Medical One Photoset per Episode: #5, Golden Hour

"Which one of the patients didn’t survive to the end of our shift?"

Filed under Miami Medical Jeremy Northam Lana Parrilla Mike Vogel Omar Gooding Elisabeth Harnois Golden Hour one photoset per MM episode GH was actually one of the last eps to be made but it so defines the series that the producers wanted it shown early on plus it's a tour de force by Mr N I'll use food as inappropriate props is one of my all-time favorite lines

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam in Emma (1996), d. Douglas McGrath

I really like how Emma Approved did the “Badly done, Emma” scene. It was cleverly written and very well acted.

But we all know who owns that scene: Jeremy Phillip Northam.

His Mr Knightley is angry and disappointed and heart-broken that the woman he’s just begun to realize he’s in love with should be behaving so horribly. That second “Badly done” gets me every time. 

Video uploaded by ycaliburn.


Filed under Jeremy Northam Gwyneth Paltrow Emma Emma (1996) Jeremy owns this scene sorry the quality of the video isn't better it's the only one I could find of the scene in question maybe someday I'll learn how to edit videos and maybe some day I'll fly to the moon